About Us

About Us

President’s Bio

Shawn Fogle is a results-oriented, energetic leader and mentor offering a diverse blend of talents needed to motivate employees to meet strategic organizational goals and skyrocket production and employee job satisfaction through personal growth.

Over a 25-year highly-successful career, he has meticulously planned, coordinated, and executed high-visibility, mission critical projects well within strict timelines. Shawn is a professional manager who embodies loyalty, dedication, and mission focus, while continuously developing his teams. A dynamic speaker and master strategic thinker, he quickly adapts to changes in human & capital resources, technological advancements, security & industry threats, and the sometimes necessary shift in corporate strategy. His reputation for being a motivated leader and top-notch professional who thrives in diverse, pressure-packed situations is matched by few in the industry.

A highly-decorated and combat-tested career logistician and senior enlisted leader who has served at the combatant command level, his military service to our nation has been recognized with accolades from the highest levels. His educational background in full-spectrum logistics, diversity and cultural awareness, education & training, continuous process improvement, organizational management and strategic leadership make him a valuable commodity to various organizations in both private industry and government sectors.

SFx2 Consulting, LLC is a veteran-owned, first-class consulting firm that provides a variety of consulting services for our clients. SFx2 is the latest expansion of The Fogle Group and was founded on December 24, 2014.

Our talented team of experts assist entities by blending and delivering the right mix of business acumen, professionalism and innovation. Our focus areas are change management and process improvement, leadership/talent development and education & training expertise. We achieve customer-satisfying results by efficiently scaling our response to the meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our veterans fight to give America the rights to reject/embrace same sex marriages, openly bash our bipartisan government leaders, bear arms, vote, question the validity of the Constitution of the United States, etc. etc… yet now that many of them have returned home physically and spiritually broken by over 20 years of taking the fight to the enemy, they need our help now more than ever.

Donations will be used to secure housing, jobs and basic skills training for veterans in the Tampa, Florida area and move across America as the donations/funding allows. Shawn Fogle and SFx2 are devoted to taking care of our veterans. 

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SFx2’s mission is to provide every customers with the best services and expertise. We aim to establish long-term relationships and strategic partnerships, not short-term contractual vehicles.

Our core values of integrity, excellence, commitment are vitally important to us and form the bedrock for all of our business partnerships. We are honest and treat each client, be it a “mom & pop” operation or a Fortune 500 company, with the same level of dignity and respect. 

  • Strategic Vision Formulation​
  • Personalized Business Development Expertise
  • Training & Education Workshops
  • 1-on-1 Personal Coaching
  • Performance-Based Counseling
  • Leadership Workshops for Employees & Management Teams
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Non-profits
  • Defense Contractors
  • Governmental Organizations